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  • Russian bathhouse on a river coast
  • Birch twigs are offered
  • Price from 10 Eur per hour + birch twigs (2 Eur/per piece)

Sauna Sauna Sauna Sauna


We offer you fishing in the water storage of 6 hectares.

In the water storage were flinged following fishes:

  • Year 2002: carps 1-3 kg
  • Year 2004: crucian carp and tench
  • Year 2005: trout and sturgeon

Also there is plenty of different fishes such as pikes, perch, chub, bream and others.

Fishing costs 10 Eur per hour.

Come and enjoy the fishing!

Fishing Fishing Fishing


  • Challenge your friends in pool tournament and find out who is the champion!
  • Price: 1 Eur per game
  • Or 15 Eur for the evening