About Us

Guest house “Upmali” is a former hunting lodge of the first secretary of the Communist Party of Latvia August Voss. From Tervete it is just 12 kilometers away. To the party leader credit can say that he knew how to choose a place for stay. Upmali is away from prying eyes on the beautiful river Kive. August Voss always used to feed the swans that swam up to the dock. Maybe that is why they (Swans) are still frequent visitors here today.

In addition, there is an excellent fishing. In stock – pike, carp , perch , tench, sturgeon. But prior going fishing, it is a good idea to consult with the owner of the guest house Yuri . He will tell you about places and then enviable catch will be guaranteed. Upon request hunting is also available.

From indoor activities a pool table is available for the guests. Responsible for this is hostess Ina. However her main trump – meals from wild boar and deer. Which has been tasted by many Russian pop stars. The only condition, an exclusive meal should be booked in advance. Finally, the last and also a very strong argument to go to Upmali is a real country sauna. Without swimming pool, but with a great steam and walkways leading into the same river Kive.

See you at the guest house Upmali! right-hand